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Simple but great. Right before their first vacation with the woman that became his wife, the idea was born. Patric Schwärmer needed to buy a replacement battery for his camera from Canon. He could not believe his eyes at the camera store. The battery was going to cost him half as much as the price of the camera. The businessman experienced in international export with a knack for numbers started calculating. 82 million Germans who for the most part own a digital camer and every one at some point needs a replacement battery like he did. And then he thought about expanding across Europe and even going worldwide. What huge potential. Now it was up to him to make the idea happen and look for way of doing it. He researched until he found the right manufacturers of compatible replacement batteries, visited the facilities and built up a solid, almost family-like network in the Far East. To this day, Patric Schwärmer still benefits from these personal friendships in many ways. He has been able to grow his business and now finds himself on the path to developing into a real global player taking a leading position in this sector with superior technology, quality and innovation.

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