Phottix softbox Solas 91x122cm+grid

Reference: 10464

Create a large, soft, and diffuse output from your favorite lighting kit with this 36 x 48" Solas Softboxfrom Phottix. It offers a reflective silver interior as well as removable inner baffle and front diffuser for controlling the look of the light. Also, the softbox has a recessed front and comes with a removable grid for controlling light spill.


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69,00 €

The softbox is made from SL-Tech fabric, allowing it to be lightweight while remaining strong and durable. This material is heat-resistant as well, and will hold up to long-term use with most strobes and flashes. The rear of the softbox can be opened up, allowing shooters to more quickly vent heat or more easily adjust other modifiers, such as gels. Additionally, this softbox is compatible with a variety of Phottix speed rings, allowing it to be used on a wide range of different lights.