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A high performance super telephoto lens with class-leading portability and performance, the RF 600mm F4L IS USM puts you right in the middle of the action. Ideal for sports and wildlife photography when you need the best image quality available.

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Performance without compromise

With a 600mm focal length and f/4 maximum aperture, this professional super-telephoto lens delivers stunning results. Built around the RF lens mount, it delivers ultra-fast focusing, up to 5.5 stops of image stabilisation and sensational image quality.

Next level image quality

  • Image quality is stunning, even at the lens’s f/4 max aperture. Fluorite and Super UD glass controls distortion and boost sharpness. ASC and Super Spectra coatings minimise flare.


Nail critical focus when it matters most

  • The lens focuses quickly and confidently, keeping moving subjects in sharp focus. A dual power focus drive offers faster AF with compatible cameras.


Great performance in less-than-great light

  • In bad light, the RF 600mm F4L IS USM still delivers, thanks to a large f/4 aperture and an IS system providing 5.5 stops of stabilisation protection from camera shake.1


Instinctive handling

  • Despite offering huge magnification, the RF 600mm F4L IS USM won’t weigh you down. Full-time MF lets you adjust focus instinctively. Customisable AF start buttons fall naturally under your fingers.


Built to inspire confidence

  • This L-Series lens – coated in heat-resistant white paint – is built to withstand the rigours of professional use. Whether you are on a rainy touchline or a dusty safari, you can shoot with confidence.

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