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Outpace. Outperform. A camera that lets you photograph sport, wildlife and news like never before. Identify subjects just by looking at them – a truly intuitive experience – and stay ahead of the competition with 30fps continuous shooting and advanced connectivity that lets you smash your deadline.

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Introducing the next chapter in EOS

The EOS R3 will change the way you think about mirrorless cameras. A new back-illuminated stacked sensor can freeze action at 1/64,000 and powers continuous shooting at up to 30fps. Eye-controlled AF intelligently recognises and tracks subjects as you shoot – superb for sports, news and wildlife photography.

Mastering movement

The EOS R3 captures fleeting moments at 30fps, revealing details that are missed with the naked eye. 

The camera’s back-illuminated stacked sensor is so fast it lets photographers use an electronic shutter to freeze fast movement without worrying about ‘rolling shutter’ distortion. Enjoy a top shutter speed of 1/64,000sec and 30fps burst shooting, with simultaneous AF/AE tracking.


Best subject tracking yet

Using deep-learning artificial intelligence and thousands of real-world images, we’ve taught the EOS R3 to recognise people, animals and vehicles accurately and confidently – wherever they move in the frame. 

People can be tracked even if they are wearing a mask helmet or sunglasses. When photographing motorsports, the EOS R3 can recognise motorbikes and racing cars, even distinguishing between closed and open cockpits, pinpointing a driver’s helmet when this is visible.

A fusion of video and still-photo performance

The EOS R3 is a professional hybrid, able to capture cinematic, broadcast-quality video and sensational still photography. Bristling with features that empower filmmakers to new levels of creativity, the camera can capture oversampled 4K as well as 6K RAW footage internally to a CFexpress card. Canon Log 3 provides greater dynamic range and colour-grading possibilities. 

Crucially, the same object recognition available to stills photographers is also available to videographers, so you can track moving objects around the frame, keeping them in sharp focus even when working.

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